Chesapeake Bay Bowling Senate of  TNBA

          The Senate with Pride

Promoter of Sportsmanship Fellowship and Friendship

                                                                  Mission Statement

To promote awareness of TNBA and to educate youth of all ages in the sport of 10 pin bowling.   To increase adults knowledge of bowling and promote participation of all ages.  Promote awareness of bowling through friendship, fellowship and good sportsmanship while having fun.

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(919) 690 - 0339 (Home)

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On the lanes Highlights
2018 - 2019 Young League
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2019 Tournaments Information

Doubles Handicap Tournament   Baltimore, MD                     

June 8, 2019 - June 23, 2019                   

2019 - 2020 Memberships

accepting soon. 

Contact your local representative

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Chesapeake Bay Bowling Senate

Baltimore, Maryland

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