The TNBA Story

A Candid conversation on The National Bowling Association 


        The National Bowling Association (TNBA) is a non-profit corporation organized in August 1939 in Detroit, Michigan.  Originally known as the National Negro Bowling Association TNBA was formed to give Negroes and other non-Caucasians a governing body for amateur bowling in the U.S. Today TNBA is the largest Black founded, black operated and black directed organization in the U.S.





         TNBA serves as a recruiting agency and point-of-entry for black bowlers who otherwise would not receive the encouragement, tutelage and guidance needed to learn the game and develop the skills that are essential to full enjoyment and successful competition.  Such encouragement and training prepares TNBA bowlers to compete on equal terms in the tournament and competitions which are now open to them.


      TNBA members, leagues, senates (Chapters), and regional associations comprise a network of men and women striving for the ultimate prize in bowling; THE PERFECT GAME.  Our members also strive for another prize: THE SATISFACTION OF HELPING OUR YOUTH.  While TNBA has operated youth bowling leagues and tournaments for many years, in 1981 a group of TNBA members met to establish THE JUNIOR PROGRAM AND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, INC (JP&SP, INC.).  This non-profit, tax exempt organization works in conjunction with the parent body to enhance the skills of youth bowlers and more importantly, to mentor of youth on the positive aspects of striving to be high achiever in academic and civic related matters.

            To those who are NOT ABOARD, WE SAY, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. Become one who reacts through involvement in the shaping, forming and extension of a program geared to the needs of every Black Bowler in the country.

     The motivation, especially for the Black Bowler, to join The National Bowling Association, Inc. is simple and direct…The Continuance and Perpetuation of a Symbol Of Achievement and Dedication…TNBA membership is a small price to pay when we consider the heritage aspect of the TNBA tradition and consider that our status today is the result of foresight and dedication on the part of our founding fathers.  Today, TNBA is a successful operation that has weathered the growing pains that plague most organizations and is in a position to become one of the most viable Black organizations in the world.  In order to Affect an even more direct impact TNBA must become more involved in the mainstream of American society…The accomplishment of this goal requires extensive programming and increased membership.  TNBA is the program… you are the members.  As TNBA membership increases TNBA programming will reflect growth in proportion to the increase.

Chesapeake Bay Bowling Senate

Baltimore, Maryland

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