Rosalee Glover

RosaLee Campbell Glover was born on December 11, 1929 in South Hill, Virginia.  She graduated grade school at the Evening School and later attended CCBC from 1966 to 1970.  While attending CCBC Rose, as most of us call her, was a bus driver providing student transportation to and from Colt Lanes every Tuesday @2 p.m. so students could bowl. 

      Rose had 5 children, Larry, Wilbert, Gregory, Sandra and Dwayne, many grandchildren, several great grandchildren and many bowling sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.  When Rose steps on the lanes she presents herself with the style and class of a well-bread woman.  Rose retired from the state of Maryland’s accounting department in 2000 where she had been working since 1970.

     Rose’s involvement in bowling began during the 1955-1956 bowling season when she joined a ten pin league at the Walbrook Lanes located on North Avenue in Baltimore, MD. She became interested, not only in league bowling, but running a league as well.  Identifying Rose’s passion for the sport and her willingness to dedicate many hours to organizing and maintaining leagues the house’s owner, the late Fern Scotland mentored Rose in the basic workings of a league which prepared her for 5 decades of passionate league oversight and involvement.

      In 1958, Rose became the founder and President of the Lafayette Bowling League, a six-team league at Lafayette Lanes in Baltimore. The popularity of the league quickly forced Rose to move it to the Johnny Unitas Colt Lanes (now AMF Woodlawn), as the Walbrook center had only six ten pin lanes and 12 duck pin lanes.  Rose’s league at Woodlawn spawned several other leagues, including Diplomats, Challenger, Crusaders, United,  the Flames and later she became the President of the Drifters League at Woodlawn from 1960 – 1987.  Along with her membership in the Women’s International Bowling Congress (now the United States Bowling Congress) she joined the National Bowling Association in 1963 and later the Chesapeake Bay Senate which began in 1976.

Rose has been the President, Secretary or Treasurer of the following leagues:

  • Wednesday Nite Triples,

  • MTA Rollers

  • Friday Nite Big Pen Busters

  • 30-Year Old Timers

  • Monday Doubles

  • Tuesday Mixed

  • Cool Rollers

  • Have Nots

  • Jason Doubles

  • Ladies of the AM

  • Tom Dawson Singles

  • N.A.S.C

  • Monday Atlantic City Challenge

  • Club 50 Plus

  • Kings and Queens

  • Jammers

  • PBA Sport League

     Rose started the No Tap League at Fairlanes Woodlawn in the 1980s, Moonlight Bowling at Fairlane Rolling Road and the Sunday Spice at Fairlane Hawthorn at the same time while participating in a few other leagues including a Timonium Ladies League, Friday Mix Doubles at Colt Lanes Towson and the Capital DLLR at Fairlanes Reisterstown.

   Rose has participated in numerous tournaments, including : TNBA Representative of the Walbrook Lanes at the TNBA Tournament in Bermuda, TNBA Eastern Regional from 1960-2008, TNBA national tournament from the late 1970s, BWBA 1956-2014, WIBC (1980 Niagra Falls, NY and 1981 Baltimore, MD), Maryland state starting in 2005, Maryland Queens/Princess, and the Maryland Seniors.  She participated in the Maryland Senior Olympics, winning gold, silver and bronze medals over the years, and was chosen to promote the Olympics on channel 11 in July of 2014.  Rose became the co-director of the Ferm Scotland Memorial Tournament at AMW Woodlawn for two years.  She organized the following bowling trips: TNBA 1960- 1986, Williamburg, VA, Hanover Bowl in PA, the Hoinke Classic in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Rose has bowled a high game of 287 and a high series of 686 and earned a triple crown in 2006 on the Ladies of the A.M. League. 

    Rose’s dedication to the sport earned her a spot in the USBC Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame as a Pioneer.

Chesapeake Bay Bowling Senate

Baltimore, Maryland

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